Namysłów Ciemne Typu Irlandzkiego


Namysłów Ciemne Typy Irlandzkiego (Irish Style) is a dark full beer brewed out of 5 different kinds of malt. It has an unique, creamy taste with slightly perceptible hop aroma. Namysłów Dark has a beautiful deep colour with distinctive red reflections and thick creamy long lasting head of foam.

It is brewed by surface fermentation method in open fermentation vats. Learn more on


Available packages

  • Nonreturnable bottle 500ml

Alcohol content

4,7 % vol.

Irish inspirations

Ireland is known for its original music, beautiful landscapes and love for football ... but above all, it is famous for producing the highest quality dark beers. Namysłów draws from this brewing tradition of the Green Island.

The package itself also refers to the Irish symbols - green shamrock and Irish elf hat, additionally the Celtic character has been highlighted by a font on the label

Namyslow korona

Nasze marki

  • Namyslow Pils bottle
  • Namyslow Niepasteryzowane
  • Namyslow Biale Pszeniczne
  • Zamkowe jasne butelka
  • Zloty Denar Chmielowy butelka
  • Zloty Denar Jasne puszka
  • Zloty Denar Mocne puszka
Namyslow Pils butelka
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