Often rewarded

The Namyslow Brewery brands have been repeatedly awarded the most prestigious awards in the brewing industry, not only in Poland, but also abroad.  Gold medals at the Open Beer Competition organized during the Annual Autumn Brewers Conference, have been won many times by the Zamkowe and Zamkowe Mocne. In this contest, where the beers are judged by our competitors, Plum and Malina took gold and Kozackie was also awarded a medal. What's more, Plum has also achieved success outside of our country.  At the Real Ale Festival in the UK, Plum won first place in terms of votes cast, and came in second on taste. Of the 50 beers from around the world, our beer was the only beer from Poland.
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Namyslow korona

Nasze marki

  • Namyslow Pils bottle
  • Zamkowe jasne butelka
  • Zloty Denar Jasne puszka
  • Zloty Denar Mocne puszka
Namyslow Pils butelka
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